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“First off, this is a solid pop song. It has a tight groove and melody, and it is definitely a danceable, singable song with a hook chorus. There's a lot working here! Your structure's solid and everything is building as it should. It is clear club material in my mind. I think you have plenty of audience for this.”

Rick Carnes

Songwriters Guild of America

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"A Sweet Love" feat. Manthy Goula, is a great high-quality music production. Both Stefan Olofsson and Hugo Lee are phenomenal musicians. Stefan Olofsson is a Swedish piano player and composer. His choice of piano tones fit perfectly in the mix. The composition is great, and the underlying harmony fits well with the melodies and has some very interesting chord changes that are very refreshing to hear. Hugo Lee immediately engaged me with his smooth saxophone. His choice of notes fit perfectly and captured exactly what was needed throughout the song. His solos are fantastic! Manthy Goula, a Greek Vocalist was the final and most important piece to this great song. Her vocals capture the emotional element as if she is singing to you. The smoothness, pitch, and vibrato of her voice are all spot on which shows how much of a professional she is. The lyrics written by John Fairhart, are very true and showcase a spiritual element to love that is relatable to many. Everyone involved really knocked it out of the park and showcased their professionalism. Great work by everyone!


JL Fulks is an American Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist. He studied at Berklee College of Music and has received international awards for his music.

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“I think your rhymes are great and I love the way everything fits together. I think this would be a great club dance song! Your theme is good, and your idea is good, and you use the theme well throughout the whole song. I really like the transitions from the different parts and the whole thing has a great vibe. I think it is so catchy and memorable.”

Jennifer Adan

Billboard #! Hit Songwriter

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